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Weekend Experience

Our weekend experience covers the five basic skills that we teach in our night experiences along with a weekend of supervised practical experiences.

You will be sleeping two nights in a shelter and starting your own fires. You will also be purifying your own water. Our staff will teach and show you how to properly set traps and prepare food. We will also cover the basics in outdoor first aid.

The class starts on Thursday afternoon and ends Saturday evening. This class is meant to be a crash course in outdoor survival and an introduction to some outdoor skills that most people do not have the chance to experience.

There is an equipment list that is required for the students to bring with them. This list is: 1 Multi tool knife (we recommend a Victorinox Swiss Army knife that has a wood / bone saw), 1 closed cell foam sleeping pad, 1 Sleeping Bag (rated for 0°), 1 Sierra cup, 1 knit cap, 1 small backpack, and wear clothing appropriate for the season to include hiking boots.

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